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The GC Cell cytotherapy laboratory seeks to contribute to
humankind by taking on the challenge of overcoming intractable diseases
through the use of cells.

GC Cell Laboratory

We are developing competitive cell/gene therapy products for the entirety of process from basic research to securing
foundational technology that could guarantee safety and effectiveness to quality control/manufacturing/clinical study.
Point 1

Allogenic Cell Therapy Products

This is an anticancer immunocyte therapy product patented externally
by our company and developed in order to allow for immediate
provision to patients of hyperpure/highly potent NK cells in frozen
storage that were mass-cultured through genetically manipulated
sustentacular cells and automated bio-reactor culture process created
using NK cell derived from peripheral blood or cord blood of a healthy adult.
We have been conducting a clinical study that jointly uses antibodies and
immune gateway antibodies characteristic of tumors toward increased

Point 2

Next-Generation Cell/
Gene Therapy Products (CAR-NK)

We are devoted to developing CAR-NK gene therapy products
adopting CAR genes that induce the activation of NK cells and
investigating cancer cells in NK cells derived from cord blood
managed under strict regulations. We plan to conduct clinical studies
n the US on not only hematologic malignancies but also solid cancer
using next-generation CAR-NK with reinforced ability to track tumor
antigens of long-lasting effectiveness in the body, through the
application of a differentiated platform technology unique to
GC Cell and partnerships with main antibody development
companies both at home and abroad.

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Point 3

Stem Cell Therapy Products

We are spurring the development of next-generation isocellular stem
cell therapy products with reinforced anti-inflammatory function
through reinforced immunoregulation in mesenchymal stem cells,
which have excellent immunoregulation function in its original state to
begin with, derived from healthy donors’ tonsils.
Using the above, we are conducting pre-clinical studies targeting
autoimmune diseases and lung inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis
and Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which have huge
medical demand that remains unmet. Furthermore, we are also steadily
continuing our basic research under the objective of turning into reality
regenerative medical treatment through the use of induced stem cells.

Point 4

Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy(or cancer immunotherapy) consists of two major cell lines: cytokine-induced killer (CIK) cells and activated cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs). Both cells differ in how to recognize cancer cells. CIK cells recognize cancer cells and destroy them without recognizing specific antigens, not like natural killer cells. However, CTLs recognize and destroy cancer cells through presented antigens on expressing cells. Both cells are active. They secrete substances that activate each other. Their complementary interaction induces effective treatment response.

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Point 5

CAR-T Cell therapeutics

It is an anti-cancer immune cell therapy that separates only T cells from the immune cells of patients and introduces CAR, cultivates them, and injects them back into the patient to treat cancer. Cancer cells inhibit the expression of MHCs, which are essential for T cells to recognize antigens, in order to avoid the immune system of the human body. However, CAR-T cells are anti-cancer immune cell treatments suitable for safety and targeted treatment by allowing direct recognition of cancer cells without the help of MHC.

Point 6

Allogeneic CAR-CIK

The anti-cancer activity of CIK cells and CARs can be applied to various solid cancer treatments. Low risk of GvHD due to low alloreactivity using cord blood. Off the shelf: easy to administer to the patient’s situation. Cell therapy with CAR-transduced CIK from cord blood.

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