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GC CELL combined with GC LabCell and GC Cell
creates the new synergy effect to contribute
on the health life of the humanity

We Create

01. We Create Synergy

GC CELL creates the healthy life of the humanity

We Create

02. We Create Life

GC CELL carries out R&D to make new drugs

We Create

03. We Create New

GC CELL pioneers the global market
by stepping up to challenges

We Create

04. We Create World

GC CELL builds up trust with the bio logistics

We Create

05. We Create Trust
  • synergy
  • life
  • new
  • world
  • trust


We seek to be your "Best Bio Healthcare Partner" by providing health-related
products and services such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health
foods for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses as part of our
pursuit of becoming a "Total Healthcare Partner."

We are doubling our efforts for R&D in the area of
cell therapy through the best technical skills and
excellent research personnel, guided by our mission
of commercializing cell therapy products.
Cancer immunotherapies use newly tailored anti-cancer drugs to attack cancer by stimulating the immune system.
We have set an example of quality control by receiving an approval on KGMP facilities from MFDS, and produce high-quality biopharmaceuticals with standard hi-tech production facilities.
We provide professional, safe, and responsible
transportation service of bioengineering samples
that are time- and temperature-sensitive such as
pharmaceuticals, blood, and samples.
We carry out overall process of sample inspection in
an integrated manner targeting colleges, general
hospitals, common hospitals & clinics, corporations,
laboratories, and more nationwide.
We provide total healthcare services for health, from cell
storage to treatment and prediction of diseases and prevention
through health checkups.
Research & Development

We seek to contribute to the welfare of humankind through GC Cell’s Cell Therapy Laboratory,
which is taking on the challenge of overcoming intractable conditions through cell research.
We carry out integrated R&D under the goal of commercialization of cell therapy products, from fundamenta
research to GMP production and product analysis for clinical studies.