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2021.11 GC Cell


03Relocated the place of business (319-6 Bojeong-dong)

Acquired domestic patent for NK cell manufacturing method (natural killer cell manufacturing method)

Proceeded with NK cell therapy technology transfer option (AB-202) to Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc. (US)

02Acquired Australian patent for Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) signaling domain

Invested additional equity (Series B) to Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc. (US)

01Exported NK cell therapy technology to MSD (US)

Invested additional equity (Series A Closing) to Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc. (US)


12Founded subsidiary company "GREEN VET," a pet healthcare company

Received IND approval from the US FDA for the technology transfer of NK cell therapy products

09Proceeded with the NK cell therapy technology transfer option (AB-201) to Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc. (US)

07Acquired Japanese patent for composition related to frozen storage method for NK cells (composition of culture medium for frozen storage of cells and its usage)

Acquired patent for composition related to the transportation of genetic drug (composition for the transportation of new drugs and pharmaceutic composition of treatment for GM₁-gangliosidosis that includes the aforementioned composition as an active ingredient)

06Concluded CMO contracts (MG4101/CT3103)

Invested additional equity (Series A Primary Investment) to Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc. (US)

Acquired Japanese patent for mass production technology for NK cell therapy (natural killer cell culture method that uses T cells)

05Selected for the national project of developing core technology of bio industry by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Development of composition for frozen storage of cell therapy)

Concluded a business agreement for the construction of a bio-medical innovation park in Hongcheon

Concluded MOU with MDimune on mutual cooperation

03Concluded an industry-university collaboration agreement with Konkuk University’s Training Group for Next-Generation Non-clinical Industry Professionals


12Published a research paper on the treatment effects of NK cell therapy on neuroblastoma in children co-authored by GCLabCell-Samsung Medical Center in an international scientific journal

Presented the results report of the non-clinical research on NK cell therapy products and anticancer/ antibody drug co-administration method co-authored by GCLabCell-Morphosis at the American Society of Hematology

11Applied with PCT for patent for the cultivation method of NK cells derived from umbilical cord blood using transformed T cells

NK cell therapy technology to Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc. (US) Transferred

09Applied with PCT for patent for tumor treatment anti-CD 19 antibody and pharmaceutic combination that includes NK cells

08Launched subsidiary company "GCCL" which provides analyses of clinical trial samples

07Published in journal "Cancers" a non-clinical research paper that verified NK cell therapy's anticancer effects on pancreatic cancer

06Applied with PCT for patent on a new peptide, a Chimeric antigen receptor that includes said peptide, and an immune cell that reveals said receptor

Applied for domestic patent for anti-HER2 antibody or unit of it in combination with antigen and Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) that includes the aforementioned items

03Invested equity to Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc. (US)

01Selected for a national project assigned by a pan-governmental new drug development agency for the development of innovative global new drug (next-generation CAR-NK cell therapy products)

Concluded a contract with AbClon on the adoption of technology for CAR_NK cell therapy products


10Received IND approval for stage 1/2a clinical study on the combination of antibodies against lymphoma

Jointly developed CAR-NK cell therapy product with AbClon

09Concluded a joint research contract with Universal Cells Group on CAR-NK cell therapy products derived from iPSC

Applied for domestic patent for anti-CD 19 antibody and NK cell for tumor treatment

08Concluded MOU with AbClon for the joint development of CAR-NK cell therapy products

07Applied for overseas patent for composition of frozen storage culture media for cells and its usage

Registered manufacturing method for natural killer (NK) cells

06Concluded a clinical study scholarship·joint research MOU with SNU Hospital

Concluded a mutual cooperation MOU with NeoNutra

Concluded a technology contract with Feldan Therapeutics in Canada

04Research Director Yoo-kyoung Hwang received a prime minister’s commendation on the 46th World Health Day

Acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification for cord blood bank


12Acquired ISO 9001 certification for bio logistics quality management (QM)

Registered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for bio logistics

11Selected for the national project of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for an international joint technology development project (Korea-Canada)

09Concluded MOU with Jeil Hospital for business alliance on cell banking

08Selected for the national project of the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI)

Applied for patent for allogenic-cell mesenchymal stem cell and its usage

06Concluded a joint research MOU with Inje University’s College of Medicine on stem cell therapy for the treatment of intractable pelvic inflammatory disease

05Registered patent for the composition of intranasal administration that includes stem cells with substance that treats cranial nerve diseases

04Concluded a joint research MOU for clinical study with Dankook University Hospital

02Registered patent for an efficient manufacturing method of highly stable NK cells

Applied for patent for the composition of culture media for frozen storage of cells and its usage

01Registered patent for the NK cell culture method using T cells


08Concluded a joint research MOU with Ewha Women's University Medical Center for stem cell therapy products derived from tonsils

06Listed on KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations)

Concluded an agreement with Oxford BioMedica for cooperation on the development of anticancer cell therapy products

05Concluded MOU with global logistics corporation Marken

03Provided consulting support for the building of the cord blood bank donated to Peru

02Applied for patent for frozen storage technology of cells

01Received IND approval for stage 2a clinical study for the commercialization of MG4101


11Received minister’s commendation, grand prize at the "2015 Korean ICT Innovation"

07Applied for patent for mass production method of cord blood-derived NK cells

Founded Bio Logistics


12Applied for patent for NK cell culture method

02Received IND approval for researcher-led clinical study of MG4101 (liver cancer)


08Received IND approval for researcher-led clinical study of MG4101 (tumor in children)


01Company name changed from Green Cross LabCell, Co., Ltd. to GCLabCell, Co., Ltd.


09Participated in the Ministry of Health and Welfare project

07Founded the cytotherapy laboratory

06Established the corporate body of GCLabCell, Co., Ltd.

Applied for patent for mass cultivation and frozen storage method of NK cells


09First patient registered for ‘Immuncell-LC’ pancreatic cancer phase Ⅲ

08Advanced biopharmaceuticals of 'Immuncell-LC’

US, China, Inda PCT International application for manufacturing method of 'Immuncell-LC’

07US, Europe, China, Japan PCT International application for MSLN CAR-T

02US, Europe, China, Japan PCT International application for MSLN


12'Immuncell-LC’ phase Ⅲ clinical trials for glioblastoma IND approval

07Acquired a patent on Activated Lymphocyte including cytokine induced killer cell and preparing method thereof

05Cell center KGMP approval completed

03Announcement of MSLN CAR-T non-clinical results

02Acquired a patent on Activated Lymphocyte Preparing Method

01Acquired a patent on Mesothelin-specific chimeric antigen receptor and T lymphocyte expressing this chimeric antigen receptor


06Published The Real-World Data in ‘BMC Cancer'


09‘Immuncell-LC’ designated rare drug for pancreatic cancer by FDA

08‘Immuncell-LC’ designated rare drug for glioblastoma by FDA

06Announcement of the results of phase Ⅲ clinical trials of ‘Immuncell-LC’ on The Liver Week 2018

‘Immuncell-LC’ designated rare drug for liver cancer by FDA

04Selected as Best of The International Liver Congress 2018

Acquired Lymphotec Inc.(JAPAN)

02Awarded “Professional Development Program for Career-Interrupted Women” by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

01Selected as ‘youth-friendly small giants’


10Announcement of results of long-term follow-up clinical trials for 'Immuncell-LC’ on The Liver Week 2017

Selected as a KICOX leading global company in 2017

03Published glioblastoma(brain tumor) review papers in ‘Immunotherapy’

YTN’s ‘Strong small business is the hidden champion!’


09Presented on SCI journal about result of phase Ⅲ clinical trials for glioblastoma


09Confirmed the acquisition of ‘Immuncell-LC’, an advanced technology product

06Published hepatocellular carcinoma papers in ‘Gastroenterology’


10Awarded the Prize for the Best New Medicine (as biotech item for MFDS new medicines)

06Published pancreatic cancer papers in ‘Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy’


03Changed the company name to ‘Green Cross Cell Corp.’


11Completed phase Ⅲ clinical trials for hepatocellular carcinoma

10Completed phase Ⅲ clinical trials for glioblastoma

08Incorporated into Green Cross as its subsidiary


11Completed phase Ⅱ clinical trials for pancreatic cancer


11Initiated a phase Ⅱ clinical trial for pancreatic cancer (Yonsei University Severance Hospital)


11Initiated a phase Ⅲ clinical trial for glioblastoma (Asan Medical Center, Samsung Medical Center, Yonsei University Severance Hospital, Korea University Anam Hospital, Konkuk University Hospital, Kyunghee University Hospital and Hanyang University Guri Hospital)

06Initiated a phase Ⅲ clinical trial for hepatocellular carcinoma (Seoul National University Hospital, Asan Medical Center, Samsung Medical Center and Korea University Guro/Ansan Hospitals)


08Received approval for the hepatocellular carcinoma immunotherapy

‘Immuncell-LC’ from MFDS Received approval for a KGMP facility


07Completed the development of the immunotherapy ‘Immuncell-LC’

04Acquired a patent on immune cell cryopreservation technology


05Started the cord blood cryopreservation business “Dream Cord”


01Started research on cancer immunotherapy and cell therapy technologies


09KOSDAQ Registration (031390)


09Company Established