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We would like to introduce the new face of GC that represents our vision.

The GC symbol reflects our will to create an innovative solution of healthy life for all of humankind around the world based on
our ceaseless passion and dynamic leadership forged by our commitment to serving mankind. The GC logo type is also a letter
representation of our brand’s "Voice" that speaks for GC’s technological capacity and expertise in the health industry.

CI Symbol

The Red Cross, which represents a history of passionate pursuit of challenges, has been combined with the GC
suggesting a healthy and prosperous future, creating the dynamic nature of GC as it makes a leap toward
becoming a global leader of the health industry.


Color Symbol


History of Passion
and Pursuit of Challenge


Healthy and
Prosperous Future


Honesty and Trustworthiness
as a Global Leader


Connection Between Tradition
and Innovation, History and Future

기본색 (Primary Color)

GC Red

Pantone 185 C
RGB 228 / 0 / 43
HEX #E4002B

GC Yellow

Pantone 1225 C
RGB 255 / 200 / 69

GC Deep Green

Pantone 356 C
RGB 0 / 122 / 51
HEX #007A33

GC Deep Green

Pantone 375 C
RGB 151 / 215 / 0
HEX #97D700

GC Deep Blue

Pantone 7463 C
RGB 0 / 43 / 73
HEX #002B49

보조색 (Secondary Color)

GC Mid Blue

Pantone 235 C
RGB 0 / 114 / 206
HEX #0072CE

GC Light Blue

Pantone 2995 C
RGB 0 / 169 / 224
HEX #00A9E0

GC Mid Green

Pantone 361 C
RGB 67 / 176 / 42
HEX #43B02A


The typography was designed using the symbol unveiled along with the announcement of our new mission. We further expressed the warm and friendly image of the symbol’s overall color palette and shape through flexible curves. We intended the structure and straight lines to express our longstanding corporation’s trustworthiness, "uprightness," and "honesty."

GC 전용서체 / GC140

정직한 믿음과 안정적인

Significance of the Shape

We used curves from the symbol mark in Korean typography, imbuing the letters with an immediately warm first impression. We expressed reliability and stability through the diagonal lines of Korean letters "ㅅ (siot) " and "ㅈ (jieut) " to give neat closure to the open loop shape of English letters G and C in a horizontal row. Through this harmonious merging of curves and straight lines, the official modern, sophisticated typography exclusive to GC was born.