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GC CELL is a joint corporation of GC Cell and GC LabCell specialized in cell therapy products and GC CELL was newly established for taking a new leap forward.

Green Cross Group’s cell therapy product history goes back to 2008. NK Cell Research Organization was arranged at Mogam Research Institute in 2008 and started the technical development for commercialization such as basic researches, cell culture process, and cell culture technologies. In 2011, GC LabCell, a company specialized in the cell therapy products, was established to secure the long-term growth engine. In 2012, GC LabCell took over a cytotherapy-specialized bio venture, Inno Cell, and newly became GC Cell.

After that, the two companies led the researches on cell therapy products under the motto of creating the synergy effect for becoming the leader of the cell therapy products market. As a result, GC LabCell exported US MSD of CAR-NK cell therapy product technologies which are worth KRW 2 trillion in 2021. Green Cross Cell is titled as the world’s largest cell therapy product producer with its top selling anticancer drug, “Immunecell-LC”.

GC CELL is the bio-tech solution pioneer for the global cell therapy products. The collaboration of two leaders led to a powerful synergy effect with GC LabCell’s R&D competencies, global licensing experiences, and cell therapy product manufacturing technology along with GC Cell’s commercialization experience.

GC CELL promises to further expand its cell therapy product pipelines by actively investing on R&D for quickly responding to rapidly changing market environment and demands, carrying out process innovation, and establishing the extensive partnership. Furthermore, GC CELL will strengthen its global competitiveness in CDMO business by combining the differentiated process technologies of the cell center having the largest cell therapy product production facilities in Korea.

In addition, GC CELL will continue innovation to solidify its position as a leader with unrivaled competitiveness in the specimen test service in Korea. GC CELL will also further grow the specialized bio logistics to the new business field and lead the total animal healthcare business based on “GREEN VET” established as a part of the new growth engines.

GC CELL’s journey to another future has just begun. We promise to make the new GC CELL by making the next 10 years as the period of giant leap forward based on the efforts and successes we have been accumulating. All GC CELL executives and employees promise to fulfill roles and duties under the clear vision of realizing the better life for the humanity and goals of becoming the best cell therapy product company in the world.

Thank you.