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GC Cell Immuncell-LC


Adjuvant therapy for patients whose tumor has been removed after curative resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Operation, Radio Frequency Ablation, Percutaneous Ethanol Injection Therapy)

The drug is categorized as ‘prescription drugs’ by MFDS. It needs consultation with healthcare professionals and doctors who can make accurate judgements about efficacy and adverse events.

Dosage and
1. Mix the settled cells and suspension fluid three or four times prior to administration.
2. Use an 22G needle or larger bore one for an intravenous infusion, and be sure that the administration is completed within one hour.
3. The dose of administration for each time is 200 ㎖ over a spot that contains 1.0x109 ~ 2.0x1010cells.
4. The interval and times of administration are as follows: 4 times, once a week, 4 times, once every two weeks, 4 times, once every four weeks, 4 times, once every eight weeks 16 times in total.
Storage Sealed container at temperature of 2 - 25℃
Expiration 36 hours from time of manufacture

Cancer Immunotherapy production process

  • Cell Pretreatment

    Manufacturing process begins with transferring blood of patients into tubes.

  • Lymphocyte Separation

    Lymphocytes are separated
    from blood and cultured.

  • Cell Culture 1

    After the lymphocyte separation process,
    the addition of medium depends on the growth rate of cells.

  • Cell Culture 2

    Cells cultured in flasks are transferred to a larger bag and cultured.

  • Cell Culture 3

    Culture cells are divided into two bags
    from one bag to increase space
    and cultured.

  • Quality Check

    Test sampled of culture cells is
    collected to test contamination status, function, and quality of the product.

  • Harvest

    Cultured cells are collected and
    formulated to be administered
    to the patient.

  • Release

    Drug products are packaged and shipped for each hospital.