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Global Bio Healthcare Partner
GC Cell shall never stop working toward guaranteeing a healthy life for all of humankind.

Cell Banking

The starting point of cytotherapy is none other than the storage of healthy cells. You can be prepared against diseases that may develop
in the future by storing your own healthy cells now for a healthy future later. The Cell Banking Program at GC Cell provides total
healthcare service from cell storage to disease treatment and prediction as well as prevention through health checkups.

Cord Blood image

Cord Blood

This is blood in the umbilical cord that connects a mother to her child during
pregnancy. Cord blood contains mesenchymal stem cells capable of
differentiation into human organs as well as hematopoietic stem cells that
generate blood and immune cells. Rich in hematopoietic cells and mesenchy
mal stem cells, cord blood is the source of cell therapy products that could
be developed to treat intractable illnesses and other various diseases.

Advantages of GC Cell Bank


Strict clinical test system of international standards

We provide a strict clinical testing system of cell storage for infectious diseases, nucleated cell tests, genetic tests, microorganism test, etc. with the best technological capabilities in the nation as recognized by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).


Cell Center

We operate our own GMP facility that provides cell processing and cell therapy products over 18,000 in number and stores cells that will
serve as the raw materials of cell therapy products.


Cord Blood
Bank Promotion

We operate a cord blood
public promotion hall so that interested parties can easily understand the concept of
cord blood as well as present and future value of cord blood. We also have a cord blood storage location tracking system so that we can check information on any cord blood anytime.


Wide-range Domestic· Overseas Research Network

We have partnered with multiple domestic universities and laboratories to carry out joint research, and we maintain an advisory panel of
world-class scholars in the field of cytotherapy, receiving regular reviews from them
on our technologies.
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    Bio Logistics Transportation
    We provide responsible
    transportation capable of
    location tracking, temperature
    control, and monitoring for
    real-time transportation by 300
    employees from 50 different
    branches nationwide.

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    We provide tests through
    the nation’s largest
    testing center

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    We measure viability through
    a flow cytometer and carry
    out 24-hour management
    through remote automatic
    charging system and alarm

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    We operate field trips through
    the storage facility PR office
    and provide kiosks where
    you can search and view
    storage information.

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    Cord blood-derived NK therapy